Our Setting


As parents we understand that your child starting nursery is a massive transition for everyone and we work hard to make it as smooth as possible for everyone involved.


We know that scheduling time for viewings can be equally as hard and so we are happy to offer viewings for parents either together or separately depending on availability.


Our viewings take place in the morning whilst children are engaging in activities for you to get an idea of the setting in full swing. We are unable to offer spaces at our setting without viewings being had as we feel it is important for parents to have a real understanding of how our establishment works.


Once a registration form has been completed and deposit paid, your space is secured and we will create a settling in schedule.


Settling in is necessary to make sure that children are able to form a relationship with the staff and other children in the nursery and to get used to a different routine.


We tailor make settling in schedules to meet the needs of children and their families and stagger this process over a week.


The first day of settling in will normally take place in your own home so that children can meet their key person in an environment they are comfortable in and allow them 121 interaction to get acquainted. This also offers parents the opportunity to update us on any changes to family or routine so that they can prepare for the child as an individual.


The next few days of settling in require a parent or familiar adult to be on site although they will not necessarily be in the same room a the child. This gives us the chance to settle them into the room at their own pace, allowing us to slow down if required.


Once the settling in process is complete we will arrange a review to see how it has gone for both the parents and child and begin their learning adventure with us.