I’m really happy with Cottage Day and my son enjoys coming to nursery to see his friends. He has a real love of books and reads a lot at home. This has been encouraged by nursery and his key worker has reported back that he spends time in the book corner reading with his friend and sharing stories.

It’s great to see updates on the Famly website and to hear his voice in the observations that are made. His key worker is always very positive about our son and knows how to get the best out of him. I am happy that he has key adults within the setting that he can always trust to help him.

Finally, I think that management work well with parents. When I had a small concern I communicated it and it was dealt with immediately and to my satisfaction. I am very happy for my son to be at Cottage Day and would recommend it to other parents.
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Our daughter has attended Cottage Day Nursery for just over 18 months so far. In this time we have been extremely happy with the care she has received.

The relationship the staff build with the children (and parents) is a particular strength. Our daughter skips happily into nursery every day and even names one of the staff as one of her best friends! For this reason alone, I have recommended the nursery to a number of our friends, and am planning for our younger daughter to start within the next few months.

I work in primary education but have a limited knowledge of this age group (I generally work with older children.) I am however, aware of the level of phonics and maths that reception children are expected to have. Little comments she makes at home or games that she initiates could only have come from nursery and they all demonstrate her enjoyment for learning and the high level of teaching she has been exposed to. I think this all comes from the dedicated staff she works with – their motivation and enthusiasm definitely rubs off on the children.
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Both my daughter in preschool and son in baby room love Cottage Day Nursery.. My son kicks his legs with excitement when I carry him from the car into the building and my daughter is dismayed whenever the weekend comes round I have to explain, again, that nursery isn’t open on Saturday!

Having spent many months at home due to the lockdown I was concerned about how my son would settle in to nursery. In his first year of life he had limited contact with other people. However, after a few tears on the first few drop offs, he was settled and very happy at nursery the observations allowed me to see what was going on and I could very quickly see progress in his communication after a few months at nursery. I drop him off each day knowing he is being loved and cared for and having a great time!
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